Leigh Anne Jasheway, M.P.H.

Award Winning Humor Speaker and Author

Leigh Anne Jasheway, the Accidental ComicTHE ACCIDENTAL COMIC

Who am I, you may be asking? Not “Who am I?” as in who are you, but “Who am I?” as in “Who is this Leigh Anne Jasheway person and why is her name so long?”

Good question. I’d want to know the same thing if I were you. The short answer is that I am a stress management and humor expert, comedy writer, stand-up comic, and comedy instructor/coach. I have an M.P.H. degree which is stands for either masters of public health or mistress of public humor (and, occasionally, miles per hour, but only if I’ve had too many espressos). In lieu of actually getting a real job, I consult with organizations (and disorganizations) on how to use humor to manage stress, change, and conflict, and boost creativity, teamwork and morale.

My mission, if I decide to accept it, is to help the world become healthier and more sane through laughter.

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“I just think we really need to learn from the people who know intuitively about the importance of humor and laughter and play…”

I enjoyed your session on Humor in the Workplace at the Diversity Conference yesterday. I really want to implement these ideas into my career and life right away. Thanks so much for what you are doing, glad to have met you and the concepts are awesome. This is definitely outside the box thinking when it comes to corporate life. But it is exactly what the corporate environment needs and I guess the elephant in the room that no one could explain. I think you’ve done a great job at explaining the actual dynamic that is going on during awkward moments or moments of contention.

Mark G.

Clackamas, OR

Incredible! Smart and funny. Best of any similar speaker EVER. Useful advice. People were taking notes!


Local Government Personnel Institute

Not only did I find your class thoroughly enjoyable, but I also found the exercises/feedback you shared with us incredibly helpful (particularly for a neophyte to the comedy scene).  You’re just so amazing at what you do, and I wanted you to know that it’s very appreciated.  🙂

J. Katzenstein

comedy student

You were great. It was wonderful to hear 100 people laughing together and enjoying themselves. We so appreciate your talents and outlook. Uplifting evening in a season of gratefulness. Thank you!

M. Gillard-Juarez, ED

Southern Coos Health Foundation

Can she visit our office every week to remind us of the importance of humor?


Oregon OSHA Conference

I won first place in the humor contest all thanks to you. I entered last year and got zilch- so thank you so much.

M. Justad

comedy writing student